I love html5-boilerplate and have been using it for months now. Almost every project I do starts its life with createproject.sh. I also love LESS. I felt it was time the two met.

And so I give to you [less-boilerplate](https://github.com/m6tt/less-boilerplate). A LESS based version of html5-boilerplate that compiles LESS to CSS with the build tool.

This version of html5-boilerplate compiles uses [@erwan](http://github.com/erwan)'s [Rhino version](http://github.com/cloudhead/less.js/blob/master/dist/less-rhino-1.1.3.js) of [@cloudhead](http://github.com/cloudhead)'s [less.js](http://github.com/cloudhead/less.js) to compile LESS to CSS with the build tool.

You can compile LESS with the client-side less.js library, this is great for development. The downside to this is that once you move into a production/deployment phase it is a relatively heavy operation to have running on the client-side. Plus, the build script in html5-boilerplate is so good at optimising your code.


- Compile LESS to CSS with build tool. 
- ./creatproject.sh generates a LESS focused set of files
- Work with less.js for client-side LESS when in development
- Separated Boilerplate defaults from main style file
- Includes the [HelpLess](2011-09-21-helpless-a-less-library) less library

**How to use**

If you are familiar with html5-boilerplate then it should look very familiar. If not then I would recommend familiarising yourself with [html5-boilerplate](html5boilerplate.com), have a read through the documentation on the site and come back and fork yourself a copy of [less-boilerplate](https://github.com/m6tt/less-boilerplate).

You work as you normally would but instead of defining your site styles within the /css folder you work in /less and write LESS code.

Once you are ready to compile open your terminal window and navigate to your working folder and type the following commands

    $ cd build/
    $ ant

This will then generate a /publish folder containing your optimised code.

If you wish to minify your html as well, html5-boilerplate supports this:

    $ cd build/
    $ ant minify

Let me know how you get on with it, please file any issues you may have [here](https://github.com/m6tt/less-boilerplate/issues)

**Download it**

You can get a copy of less-boilerplate [here](https://github.com/m6tt/less-boilerplate) either by forking the code or clicking the download button.

-co Matt